About LifeSource

We want to firstly say how wonderful you all are, no matter who you may be. Our team of content creators thanks you for your presence. As many of us are facing difficult times, we find ourselves looking for ways to to help our friends, families, communities, and ourselves. LifeSource is about joining with one other, wherever we may be located. We’re on a mission to share our ideas and visions with one another, and help bring people and solution-oriented groups together. ​

Our integrity is not for sale – we are not about rules or monetary gain, but are a solutions-based platform where we focus on the groundwork and provide a myriad of effective options for you to choose from. Our intention is not to instruct or to influence your way of thinking, but to help direct you towards others who are doing and succeeding. As we build a world community of human beings, we act as our unique selves in the knowledge of who we are and what those around us need. Each of us associated with LifeSource become leaders as we create a vehicle of varied individuals, ideas and concrete solutions, and a doorway to a world of sharing and caring. ​

LifeSource adheres to the maxim “do no harm” as we drive forwards in integrity and truth. We come together in love, compassion, caring, and understanding to help humanity find its way and unite as one. It is about walking in forgiveness with our humanness. ​

LifeSource is a fellowship of caring individuals doing everything they can to help others. We are just like you, living from our hearts and forming community to help others form community. Anyone motivated by their love for humankind is welcome to join us – with one united planet joining hands and hearts, together we can and will change the world.

"There is power in knowledge and in people helping people. LifeSource shares and encourages both.”

Transparency Statement about LifeSource’s Financial Support:

The shows we create are free resources for anyone to listen to, at any time. In order to maintain a sustainable way of existance, we have joined with affiliate partners who offer products and services we can ethically support. We are also actively investigating innovative income streams and opportunities with integrity, so we can continue to dedicate our time to recording and sharing content.

If you wish to learn more about this, or would like join forces with us then please contact lifesourcehub@gmail.com

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